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Ampair has announced the re-launch of its Ampair 6000 6kW wind turbine. In the time that has elapsed since its initial launch three years ago, many new features have been added, including, synchronised mechanical blade pitch control, a full authority electro-mechanical brake and a multi-signal web interface monitoring package which is included as standard.
The system also has a higher annual energy output and now also utilises the Gendrive inverter. The Ampair 6000’s revised remote monitoring system includes over 20 system status signals such as temperature, voltage, frequency and weather sensors; the system also allows new firmware to be uploaded to the turbine to modify performance characteristics. The monitoring system can be configured to send alerts to nominated personnel if there is a suspected problem with the unit or if an extreme weather event has taken place. The Ampair 6000 is available in 220/240V single phase and 380/415V three phase grid-connected versions, and the 48V battery ‘micro grid’ version which is suitable for off-grid applications.
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