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SSP Technology has completed three prototype wind turbine blades for Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI).
The 83,5 meters blades will leave SSP Technology’s factory on July 14-16 2013 to be transported to Scotland for installation on a 7MW test offshore turbine. Each of the blades weighs more than 30 tons. The root diameter of the blade is only 4,2 meters. The 7MW turbine has a rotor diameter of 171.2 metres. SHI engineers joined SSP Technology’s design office for multiple months in the initial design phase. SHI staff also closely followed onsite the manufacturing process at SSP Technology’s factory. SSP Technology’s engineers and factory managers will in a technology transfer process assist SHI in starting up the serial blade production in Korea using the mould set developed and delivered by SSP Technology. The blades will be used in Korea’s first offshore wind energy project. The 84MW installation in the Korea Straits will have 12 turbines, targeted to start in 2015.
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