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Availon has lauched an arc sensor as a new upgrade for turbines of type Vestas V80 VCS, V90 2.0MW and V66. The arc sensor is installed near the circuit breaker for monitoring the copper rail main distribution. In case of arcing, the turbine is disconnected from the grid within milliseconds.

Availon’s additional arc sensor prevents serious fires or total loss in the copper rail main distribution. Availon also recently launched an improved design of the transformer bracket. With the aid of the new design concept the company has succeeded in achieving a permanent stabilization of the transformer against vibrations. Another upgrade, the slipring box suction system, ensures that the graphite dust from the generator carbon brushes moves in an air flow and is effectively transported out of the slipring box. The arc sensor and the upgrades “transformer bracket“ and “slipring box suction system“ are available as of immediately.
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