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Gamesa is the JEC Innovation prize-winner in the wind energy category, this year for the G128-4.5 MW turbine suite’s modular blade, the longest in the onshore segment, at 62.5 metres.

Ion Arocena and Eneko Sanz, the Gamesa engineers who spearheaded the design and development of this piece of technological innovation, collected the prize in Paris. The modular blade (Innoblade) is divided into two parts that are assembled in the field. The blade is equipped with various sub-systems which give the turbine new features, such as fibre optic sensors embedded into the laminates that enable the reduction of the loads transferred to the turbine, pre-load sensors in the bolts at the mid-level joinery to ensure that all the blades are properly mounted and a high-performance lightning conductor, adapted for the requirements dictated by the size and modular nature of the blade, and an illuminated beacon at the tip of the blade.
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