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LLC 140Enercon has enhanced the Lagerwey climbing crane to be able to install turbines from the EP3- and EP5-wind turbine platforms. Conjointly with Lagerwey, Enercon has developed a new holding concept in which the LCC140 climbing crane encloses the Modular Steel Tower (MST) and can climb up to a hub height of 180 meters.
This new holding allows the crane to lift weights of up to 140 tons. Thanks to a special lifting device for single blade assembly, the climbing crane can handle the larger rotor diameters of the new wind turbine types.
In order to be able to lift up to 140 tons safely, the crane anchors itself no longer on one side of the tower. The LCC140 attaches itself to the MST at six special holding points. The first prototype of the LCC140 is currently being built in Barneveld, Netherlands. The first tests are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.
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