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Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) has announced that is its DeWind subsidiary, received certification of the 50 Hz version of their 2MWt D8.2 wind turbine from DEWI-Offshore and Certification Centre GmbH (DEWI-OCC) according to the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) standards.

The Statement of Compliance for the Design Assessment of the 2MW 50 Hz D8.2 with an 80 meter rotor diameter and 80 meter hub height tower was conducted for DIBt Wind Zone III conditions and in conformance with DIN EN 61400-1 guidelines. This is an independent third party assessment that these turbine components are expected to achieve a 20 year design life under conditions that are a close approximation to IEC Class IIA wind conditions. DIBt is a German institute of the Federal and Local Governments that publishes standards which must be satisfied by wind turbines deployed in Germany.
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