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ImageThe CR1000 is Campbell Scientific’s newest datalogger, and builds on the company’s 30-year reputation for measurement and control instrumentation. It retains the versatility of its predecessor, the CR10X, and provides increased memory, more measurement channels and multiple telemetry options. A complete CR1000-based system for most environmental monitoring applications would include a 12V power supply, weatherproof enclosure, application-specific sensors, programming/communications software and communication peripherals. The CR1000 allows for multiple measurement and control peripherals and sensor connections. Most commercial sensors can be used with the versatile channels consisting of 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog inputs (individually configured), 2 pulse counters, 3 switched voltage excitations and 8 control/digital ports. An RS-232 port and CS I/O port provide the multiple telemetry options for the datalogger, via radio, satellite, phone (land line, cellular, voice), Ethernet and more. The design of the CR1000 is for long-term, unattended monitoring for individual or network applications. The CR1000 has an operating range of -25 to +50ºC; an extended range of -55 to +85ºC is available.
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