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E2 imageBlack Swift Technologies has announced availability of the Black Swift E2 UAS, an unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for automated industrial and structural inspections. The Black Swift E2 can be fitted with laser navigation technology permitting high-precision navigation up close to structure like wind turbines, both onshore and offshore.
The Black Swift E2 can perform a fully-autonomous wind turbine inspection and real-time damage identification in as little as 15-minutes. The Black Swift E2 carries its payload up front to get full field-of-view, even looking vertical. Typical payload includes an RGB camera, laser positioning and guidance system, and radio modem, but can be customized to the operator’s individual requirements including LiDAR, thermal imagery, trace gas sensors, radiometers, and multispectral cameras. The E2 makes use of the SwiftCore flight management system (FMS) which consists of an autopilot and user interface completely designed from the ground up by BST.
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