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AirFusion, developers of leading AI-powered damage detection and risk prediction software solutions, announced AirFusion Wind, a cloud-based workflow and AI-based analysis platform to identify and classify wind turbine asset damage. Click here to read the article we published in our April/May issue about AirFusion Wind.

AirFusion Wind transforms pixel-based inspection imagery from drones, ground-based sensors and other image capture tools, into data that can be used across the Enterprise to reduce costs and increase earnings. AirFusion’s patent-pending sensor fusion technology in combination with a convolutional neural network (cnn) AI technology core, leverages terabytes of specialised images in a training set built around vertical-specific heuristics and deep learning techniques from wind experts around the world. The ‘self-learning’ AI system continually ingests new sensor images and related data to optimise overall accuracy. Clients have global access to inspection data and analytics tools to create and save customised, dynamic reports that integrate into corporate ERP, Industrial IoT, CMMS or other enterprise data systems.
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