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European wind power markets will continue to grow steadily in the next eight years, with the region set to add an average of 9GW per year through 2015, according to a new study from Emerging Energy Research.

The European wind power market?will grow from a total installed base of 48,452MW at year-end 2006 to 130,816MW at year-end 2015,?according to EER's just-released market study. Spain will remain Europe's largest growing market through 2015, adding an average of 2,200MW per year during the next eight years, according to EER's study.? Like Spain, Germany will continue to be a high-growth market, adding over 1,000MW per year through the forecast period, with offshore compensating for paced decline onshore after 2012.? While Spain and Germany will account for over 50% of Europe's wind power capacity through 2015, their participation will diminish over time as other Western European markets scale up and project flow and size increases in a number of Eastern European markets, led by Poland and Turkey.
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