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In the year 2007, 19.696MW of new wind energy capacity were added summing up to a global installed capacity of 93.849MW by the end of December 2007.

The added capacity equals a growth rate of 26,6 %, after 25,6 % in 2006. The currently installed wind power capacity generates 200 TWh per year, equalling 1,3 % of the global electricity consumption, in some countries and regions, wind energy already contributes 40 % and more. The wind industry employs today 350.000 people worldwide, after 300.000 employees in the year 2006. Based on the accelerated development, WWEA has increased its prediction for 2010 and expects now 170.000MW to be installed by the end of the year 2010. However, in the majority of the top 40 wind markets the increase in the deployment of wind energy slowed down in the year 2007.
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