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Racing Aeolus is a competition for designing and racing a rotor equipped Wind Powered Vehicle, driving it as fast as possible straight into the wind.
Held in Den Helder (80 km from Amsterdam), the Netherlands, on Thursday August 21st ?and Friday 22nd during the finish of The Tall Ships' Races 2008, competitors will race their WPV's on the 5.3 km old sea wall near Den Helder. Participants are encouraged to make use of sustainable energy technologies through design and innovative engineering. The design is free and the only restrictions are adherence to safety and technical rules. The WPV may carry an empty battery which can be charged during the race. Outside dimensions: length ? 4m, width: ? 2m. Maximum height of the complete vehicle is 3.5m. Maximum rotor area 4m2. The maximum speed equals (more or less) the wind velocity. E.g. wind force 4 = 20 to 28 kilometres per hour. The participants are Technical University Risø (Denmark), Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), Center for Renewable Energy Sources (Greece), Fachhochschule Flensburg (Germany), Technical University Kiel (Germany), Technical University Stuttgart (Germany).