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Beyond near-term market uncertainty created by the financial crisis, the longer-term prospects for the US wind industry remain strong, according to a new study from Emerging Energy Research.
While a rapidly growing US wind market, expanding at an average annual growth rate of 40% since 2005, has slowed down to pre-2008 levels, the market is expected to bounceback as soon as 2010, according to EER. In the near-term, EER forecasts that 2009 wind capacity additions may drop as low as 6.5 GW, 24% below 2008’s record levels. But, with a return to liquidity in wind project debt and tax equity markets, EER anticipates a potential rebound of 9 GW of wind capacity additions in 2010 and 11 GW in 2011. EER's new study, US Wind Power Markets and Strategies, 2009-2020, provides?270 pages of critical strategic and tactical support for those seeking to stay competitive in US wind industry analyzing the opportunities, measuring the impact of market shifts, and providing strategic analysis on key players' strategies.
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