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The international wind energy industry takes a very positive view of further development of the worldwide wind energy market in the coming years.
The world market volume of annual new installations is expected to be multiplied by five within ten years, from about 20,000MW in 2007 to about 107,000MW in 2017 as reported in the fourth WindEnergy Study. The companies surveyed suppose steady development in the European market in the next five years. They are expecting some 129,000MW installed power by 2012, as compared with 57,136MW at the end of 2007. Global installed power is expected to reach 288,000MW by 2012 (versus 94,000MW at the end of 2007). The study predicts that by 2012 more than half the installed wind turbine power will be outside of Europe, as compared to only 39% in 2007.
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