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Transmission issues and federal policy are the greatest barriers to the development of wind energy in the United States, according to a poll conducted by NRG Systems during Windpower 2008.
More than 400 conference attendees participated in the poll. Thirty-seven per cent of respondents believe that transmission or interconnection issues pose the greatest barrier to wind development in the U.S.; thirty-four per cent see US policy as the next greatest barrier. Financing issues, supply chain constraints and public attitudes toward wind energy were of much less concern. Forty-seven per cent of respondents believe that the USA holds the greatest promise for future wind energy development; China was second with 37%. Nearly all of those asked (92%) expect their company sales to increase in the next year, with 36% expecting to see sales grow by 25% to 50%. Despite these company growth projections, 32% of the poll participants believe that competition for skilled labour poses the greatest barrier to company growth. The expiration of the production tax credit and supply chain constraints were also viewed as barriers to organizational growth by 28% and 23%, respectively. ?NRG Systems conducted the instant poll during a pre-conference seminar on June 1 and with attendees at the Women of Wind Energy luncheon on June 3. The more than 400 respondents represented diverse sectors, company sizes, and years of experience in the wind energy industry.
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