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The World Wind Energy Association WWEA, ISEP Japan, the Malifolkecenter Nyetaa MFC, the African Platform for Community Power and Rural Electrification, in collaboration with Global100RE, GWNET and LEE NRW, will host the 3rd World Community Power Conference WCPC2020 with the main topic “Women in Community Energy”. Due to the global covid-19 pandemic, WCPC2020 will be held as an online meeting, on 19 November 2020. 
The WCPC2020 will gather community energy stakeholders from around the world to join the discussion on how to maximise the benefits of renewable energy for all, with a special focus on the role of women. Women are leaders in the climate movement, but they appear to still have difficulties in participating and are underrepresented in renewable energy in general and in particular in community energy. Accordingly, WCPC2020 aims at highlighting models and approaches in which women are playing a driving role and defining what barriers women face when they try to act in renewable energy field. WCPC2020 will also present a study WWEA is currently conducting with various partners about the role of women in community energy.
The detailed WCPC2020 programme will be published in early November.
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