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Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, the Danish Test and Resource Centre for Small Wind Turbines, the Danish Association for Small and Medium Wind Turbines, in partnership with the World Wind Energy Association, are organising the 3rd International Conference on Small- and Medium Wind Energy, which will be held at the Nordic Folkecenter from the 27th to the 30th of April 2020.
This four-day event will gather international experts from all over the world and it will focus on micro- and small-wind turbines (up to 5 m2 swept area), but also on larger models (up to 500 kW, or 1,000 m2 swept area). Some of the topics which will be covered during the event are legislation, testing & certification according to ISO standards, labelling, CE marking, possibilities of using power from micro turbines, storage and optimization through controllers, just to mention some. The discussion will also focus on the new grid codes for small wind turbines which are now arising in Europe, and on how they will affect the market and the manufacturers. From the market point of view, attention will be put on the opportunities and the challenges that the manufacturers will find by expanding to extreme-weather regions and rural areas and on how tested and certified stand-alone systems can play a role in this transition. Throughout the whole event a special attention will be put on the importance of education.
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