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Renewable Transportation: Aviation and Shipping
9 September 2020, 12:00-14:30 h Central European Summer Time 
Presented by
  • WWEA
  • International Association for Sustainable Aviation 
  • International Windship Association
While the power sector in many countries is progressing well towards a full renewable energy supply and land based transportation is taking major steps away from fossil fuels, two important areas have hardly been tackled: Aviation and Shipping. 
In order to achieve the goal of a climate neutral world and to shift human economic activities completely towards renewable energy, it is imperative that these two sectors be converted too. Although today almost all vessels and planes are fueled with fossil fuel, very promising concepts are available with the potential of completely switching away from such fuels. 
This webinar will discuss actual and potential solutions. A special focus will be on how wind and other renewable sources can support these two difficult-to-abate transportation sectors in managing this transformation. Click here for more information
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