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Venterra Group Plc has been formed by Ayman Asfari and colleagues to create a global services company supporting the offshore wind industry. Venterra’s mission is to service wind energy developers globally with engineering, construction and operations services, through acquiring and partnering with experienced and differentiated providers with an entrepreneurial culture and technological drive.
The company has assembled a board and management team with a business plan to invest around £ 250 million in cash and by the issue of shares by mid-2022 in capabilities across the windfarm life cycle. In due course it is Venterra’s intention to seek a public listing for its shares to maintain its growth trajectory. The company has acquired its first three Member Companies, based in the UK and Europe, which represent cornerstones of its strategy to build a range of capabilities; Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG), Osbit and FoundOcean. Together they have offices in 13 locations, operate in nine countries and have over 250 employees.
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