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Suzlon Wind Energie GmbH, the bidding company of Suzlon and Martifer, increases its offer price for the shares of REpower Systems AG, offering € 150 per share.

SE Drive Technik GmbH, a company acting in concert with the bidding company, purchased REpower shares against a consideration of up to € 150 per share over the Easter Holidays. Thereby, the offer price of the public takeover offer of Suzlon Wind Energy made on 28 February 2007 has automatically been increased from € 126 to € 150 per share pursuant to the German Takeover Act (WpÜG). In total, Suzlon secured 627,000 REpower shares over the Easter holidays. This corresponds to 7.7 per cent of the share capital of REpower prior to the capital increase of REpower by up to 10 per cent.
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