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Following an initiative by the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board of REpower Systems AG has concluded the enlargement of the Executive Board to four members.

Compared to the announcement of November 2007 - to increase the Executive Board of REpower Systems AG to five members in the first half of 2008 - a strengthening of the management level right beneath the Executive Board represents a more efficient and sustainable solution. With the appointment of Lars Rytter as a new member, the enlargement of the Executive Board will be completed. From 1 April, Mr. Rytter will be REpower's Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), responsible for the areas of purchasing, production and logistics. In addition to Per Hornung Pedersen, who took office as the new CEO of the third largest German wind turbine manufacturer on 1 January, CFO Pieter Wasmuth and CTO Matthias Schubert, the Executive Board consists of four members with the appointment of Rytter from 1 April on. CFO Wasmuth will hand over the areas of purchasing and logistics for which he has been responsible for two years; hitherto, the area of production has been the CEO's responsibility.
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