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NRG Systems and Leosphere has announced the formation of a global joint venture to expand the use of remote sensing with lidar in the wind energy industry. The first product of the partnership is the WINDCUBE lidar wind measurement system, a remote sensor used in site assessment and wind farm performance monitoring.


The Leosphere NRG Systems joint venture will serve customers around the world with sales, service, technical expertise and personalized support. The WINDCUBE is available to purchase now. The WINDCUBE lidar remote sensor provides 200-meter vertical wind profiles, mapping wind speed and direction, turbulence, and wind shear. The portable system includes ten programmable measurement heights with an automatic data filter for ready to use data and a waterproof, dustproof enclosure for all weather conditions. This active remote sensor operates by sending a laser pulse through the atmosphere. Along its path, the laser light is scattered by particles in the air (dust, water, aerosols, etc.) and bounced back to an optical sensor in the lidar unit. These signals capture the shift in atmospheric particles, or the absolute wind speed in the lidar line of sight.
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