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Rovco has announced a record year for 2020, delivering £7.5 million (US$10.3 million) in revenues which is a 286% increase on 2019. 2020 also saw the winning of new contracts and growth of backlog that now stands over £16 million ($22 million) reflected in future revenues. Over 75% of its revenues comes from offshore wind.
The company saw also growth in employees, rising from two in 2016 to 53 at the beginning of 2021. Other wins for Rovco during 2020 include:
  • A contract with CWind for hydrographic and ROV work on the East Anglia ONE offshore wind project with Rovco involved in subsea inspection and survey work on all subsea structures;
  • A contract for a detailed seismic and hydrographic survey on Erebus, a planned 96MW offshore floating wind farm 45 km off the coast of Wales, operated by Blue Gem Wind, a joint venture between Total and Simply Blue Energy.
  • A framework for hydrographic and ROV work on Beatrice, a 588MW offshore wind farm operated by SSE.
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