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PrysmianPrysmian Group has set up its organisation for the development of the three German power transmission HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) cable projects SuedOstLink, SuedLink and A-Nord, and its ready now to launch the cable production.
The project scope for Prysmian is to provide its cable technologies to transport the energy generated by the wind farms off the northern shores of Germany to the southern regions of the country. Prysmian opened 3 new regional offices in Bayreuth, Würzburg and Wuppertal and set up a project development and management team of over 200 employees. The team is led by Alberto Boffelli, COO Project BU and Heiko Dirks, Project and Contract Manager for the 3 projects. Prysmian was awarded the contracts respectively by Tennet, Transnet and Amprion in 2020.
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