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Venterra Group, an offshore wind services company, has announced the appointment of Paul Doherty as Executive Vice President of its engineering phase offering. Paul co-founded GDG, an engineering and design consultancy which has been a Venterra member company since 2021.
Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the offshore wind sector contributing to the development of over 35GW of offshore renewable energy, where he has taken on leading design, engineering, and consultancy roles for projects around the world. Paul founded GDG in 2011 and has since grown the team to over 130 engineers and scientists. He holds a BEng degree from University College Dublin and a PhD focused on offshore foundation design. Dr. Indrasenan Thusyanthan will take on the leadership of GDG. Dr. Thusyanthan is a Cambridge educated engineer with a PhD in geotechnics and a 25 year track record in offshore and energy related project delivery around the world.
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