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The Iberdrola group has increased its renewable capacity by 9.2% in 2021, to over 38.035 MW. The company has commissioned 3.484  MW of new renewables.
The group reports a 4,9% increase in onshore wind capacity to 19.376 MW. Offshore wind reached 1,258 MW installed. Hydropower increased by 7.7% with 985 MW of new capacity, reaching 13.849 MW in the period. Iberdrola's photovoltaic capacity also grew strongly in the period, increasing by 63% - with 1,182 MW of new installed capacity - and exceeding 3.000 MW at the end of the year 2021. Battery storage systems have an installed capacity of 193 MW.
The Iberian Peninsula is the region where the company has increased its renewable capacity the most, with 1,800 MW of new renewables - 56% of the total installed capacity in 2021.Iberdrola's renewable capacity has also improved in all the countries where the company operates: United Kingdom (+5%), United States (+%4,1), Brazil (+31.2%), Mexico (+1%), and the rest of the world, whose renewable capacity has grown by 26%. 
Investments in clean energy have also increased the company's clean energy production, which grew by 8.7% to 73,719 green GWh. In total, the company's production has increased by 4.8% to 129.331 GWh.
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