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Econcern has reached an agreement on the acquisition of WinWind. With this takeover Econcern strengthens its activities and expertise in onshore wind energy project development.

As of April 12, WinWind has become part of the Econcern group. Since its foundation in 2000, WinWind has been and is developing and exploiting several onshore wind farms in the Netherlands and the UK, with a total capacity of approximately 300MW. Next month, WinWind will start on the construction of its largest project to date, which will also be the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands. The 22 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2MW,  will be located in the industrial area south of Terneuzen. In the UK, WinWind is represented by Breeze Ltd., in which it holds a 50% stake. In addition to its project portfolio, WinWind has developed the innovative Railwind concept (see Windtech International November/December 2005), in which wind turbines are placed over railway lines, thus allowing extremely efficient use of space. This concept is currently being applied in the first Railwind project (wind farm Sloegebied).
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