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Digital Gas, Inc. announced that its Digital Electric subsidiary has signed an agreement with International Trade and Technology Centre Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland.

The agreement gives Digital Electric the exclusive right to manufacture and market a breakthrough wind energy technology that is anticipated to deliver a return on investment that is significantly greater than conventional wind power generation systems.

Digital Electric also has the right to purchase all collateral patents and rights to the new wind energy system on a worldwide basis. Significant efficiencies in capturing wind energy over the widest range of wind profiles are created by using a series of self-adjusting multiple hydraulic pumps and multiple variable speed generators. By transmitting power from the wind blades hydraulically to turbine generators located at ground level, the cost of maintenance is dramatically reduced.  Benefits of the technology results in a reduction in the cost per kilowatt hour to below two cents compared to the best performance of conventional wind turbines using the best available equipment that produce electricity at approximately four cents per kilowatt hour. Dollar for dollar, the return on investment of the new system will be at least 25-30 percent better on an annual basis. In addition, the new system will have a life span of approximately thirty years, compared to twenty years for conventional systems.
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