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Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., a provider of clean air and water technology solutions has announced the appointment of Andrew Stern as senior vice president of business development of its subsidiary Ecosphere Energy Solutions Inc. (EES).

Stern brings more than 18 years of experience in clean energy advocacy and implementation to the position. In his new role at EES, Stern will lead the launch and market expansion of the company's Ecos LifeLink micro-utility product in Africa, India and developing nations. Ecosphere's Ecos LifeLink is a self-contained platform for delivering critical resources including clean water, wireless communication and renewable power from solar and wind energy systems. The portable micro-utility is designed for easy deployment in developing communities and off-grid locations to supply water, electricity, and connectivity. Stern will drive global deployment of the Ecos Lifelink through strategic customer, financial and partner relationships with government organizations, NGOs and manufacturers.
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