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Prolongation of the contracts of the board of directors

The Supervisory Board of REpower Systems AG decided on the prolongation of the appointment and of the contracts of the two members of the board of directors Matthias Schubert (CTPO) and Pieter Wasmuth (CFO).

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Kurt Thomsen leaves A2SEA

Kurt E. Thomsen, who was the mastermind of the crane ship concept and the start-up of A2SEA back in 2000, has wanted to try his strengths on new challenges for quite some time. Therefore, A2SEA and Mr Thomsen have agreed that he will resign his position as a business development manager within A2SEA at the beginning of March 2006, and that he can continue with other activities outside A2SEA, including consulting services for the wind turbine industry.

REpower Systems AG decides on capital increase

In accordance with the decisions of the board of directors and the supervisory board of 23 February 2006, the board of directors decided on 21 March 2006 with the consent of the supervisory board of the same day to increase the capital stock of the company of currently € 5,941,198.00 by € 2,160,599.00 to € 8,101,797.00 for cash deposit and to issue 2,160,599 ordinary shares no par value in bearer form at an issue price of € 1.00 per share with profit participation starting from 1 January 2005. For a ceiling amount of € 180,200.00 the subscription right of shareholders is exempted. Dresdner Bank Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt/Main will subscribe for the 2,160,599 new shares and will offer them (apart from the top of 180,200 shares and within the underwriting syndicate managed by itself) for sale to the shareholders of the company in the course of the subscription period from 24 March 2006 to 6 April 2006 in a ratio of 3:1 at the purchase price of € 37.00 per share.

Execution of Formal Turbine Supply Agreement

Western Wind Energy has announced that it has executed a formal turbine supply agreement with Mitsubishi Power Systems.

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Suzlon Energy to invest US$ 60 million for Chinese facility

Suzlon Energy Limited has announced it will invest US$ 60 million in stepping up a wind turbine generator manufacturing facility in China.

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CTC holds key planning meetings for EU Energy acquisition

Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) announced on 16 March that it had completed meetings with principals of EU Energy plc to confirm details of the acquisition and to plan the business and integration of EU Energy during the acquisition period.

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