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IQwind and Guascor have announced that they will partner to commercialise and bring to market the IQGear, a high efficiency variable gearbox for the wind industry.
The IQwind variable gear can be both retrofitted into existing turbines and utilized as a standard component in newly-manufactured turbines.? Guascor will manufacture the IQGear according to design and specifications provided by IQwind. To support the IQGear production, a new manufacturing line will be established in the Guascor Power facility in the Basque Country (Spain). According to the agreement between the companies, the initial ten gearboxes manufactured by Guascor will be used for testing, certification, and initial commercial installations retrofitting currently-operational turbines during 2010. The companies will scale up to bring additional retrofitted and new turbines to the European market in 2011 and beyond. According to the agreement, IQwind will lead the sales, marketing and design activities and shall continue to own any resulting Intellectual Property (IP).
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