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Publisher's Note April May 2012

Innovating today, shaping tomorrow

Every year the EWEA Annual Event brings together companies and individuals to play an active role in shaping the future of our industry and enabling the innovation today that is crucial for building a better tomorrow for wind energy. This year EWEA 2012 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 16 till 19 April. Around 450 exhibitors coming from Europe and beyond are expected and the organisers hope for 10,000 or so attendees. This year’s theme is Innovating today, shaping tomorrow. Innovation is a returning theme in many of our articles and in this issue we present several innovative solutions.

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Publisher's Note March 2012

Nimbyism Looked at from a Technological Point of View

An international movement against wind energy is maturing – across the globe today there exist over 1,000 anti-wind groups. The origin of the opposition is, in some instances, fossil fuel and nuclear backed interest groups and, at other times, local community members with genuine concern. Regardless of the source, this burgeoning trend must be dealt with effectively, transparently and compassionately. The alternative: once-trusted company names and brands become vilified, inspiring antagonism and encouraging locals to unify against wind energy projects.

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Publisher's Note January/February 2012

The Offshore Wind Industry is Maturing

The European Wind Energy Association’s (EWEA) OFFSHORE 2011 was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 29 November till 1 December 2011. EWEA has organised the European offshore wind event since 2007 and a lot has changed since then. This time there were 8,200 participants and over 480 exhibitors in 8,000m2 of exhibition space and 23 conference sessions.

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Publisher's Note November December 2011

EU Offshore Wind Power Shows Solid Growth

EWEA OFFSHORE 2011 will be held in Amsterdam from 29 November till 1 December. The first conference was held in Berlin and the next one followed in Stockholm, in 2009. The 2011 meeting is expected to attract over 7,500 professionals, which includes senior experts, global offshore players, and companies active in offshore wind and its related industries. Around 300 companies from both current and future offshore wind supply chains will be exhibiting their goods and services.

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Publisher's Note October 2011

High Altitude Wind Energy – Is It Just ’Blue Sky’ Thinking?

Windtech International is well known for bringing you articles about new innovations which seem strange at first glance. Over the years we have published several articles about different devices for capturing high altitude wind, also called airborne wind energy (AWE). Because wind velocity and consistency increases as altitude increases, and wind power increases with the cube of the velocity, the potential wind energy available at higher altitudes is a huge untapped resource.

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Publisher's Note September 2011

What is the Affect of the Debt Crisis on Wind Energy?

At the moment the world, and especially Europe, is facing a debt crisis. While the sovereign debt increases have been particularly pronounced in only a few eurozone countries, they have become a perceived problem for the area as a whole. The USA is facing a similar problem with its budget crisis, which is solved for the time being but without a long-term solution. The debt crisis has made financing of 'risky' enterprises (such as wind) more difficult to obtain unless greater accuracy of prediction of yield and reliability can be found. The articles in this issue tackle this problem from  different angles and are of timely relevance with regards to the current economic situation.

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Publisher's Note July August 2011

Optimism about the short and long-term US market

The WINDPOWER 2011 Conference and Exhibition took place from 22 to 25 May in Anaheim, California, USA. Although it felt less busy than in former years, the event was successful. With thousands of wind energy professionals walking the exhibition halls, learning in the education sessions, and networking at the many social events, this year's event was a perfect mix of business and pleasure.

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