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New Initiatives from Global Alliances

Nowadays, in most countries where wind energy is already deployed, the majority of the people are in favour of this energy source. The industry is facing a hard time not because people oppose it but due to the lack of support from governments. I have said it before, and I am afraid probably not for the last time: we need long-term plans to create a stable industry.
Recently a new global alliance was formed, to lobby to try to get renewable energy more prominent on political agendas. The Global Alliance for 100% Renewable Energy criticises many legislators in Europe for still lacking full commitment to the transformation to renewable energy. Member organisations of the Alliance stated that renewable energy has become the key to Europe’s future economic and industrial development. However, according to the Alliance, ‘there is still a huge gap between the overwhelming socio-economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy and the political will to set adequate targets’. Therefore, members of the Alliance, among them the World Future Council, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the World Wind Energy Association, called for regional, national and European wide 100% renewable energy targets within the next four decades. The Alliance has launched a global campaign, Go 100% Renewable Energy, which aims to build support for 100% renewable energy on the national, regional and local levels, and to up the international debate on 100% renewable energy targets and solutions. More information can be found at
Another issue to tackle is storage. Storage can be especially helpful in rural environments. The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) has launched the Energy Storage Campaign, an initiative which aims to inform decision-makers in developing countries and emerging markets on the added value of using storage technologies in off-grid renewable energy solutions and as grid back-up for rural electrification. During the campaign, which will last for six months, ARE will approach energy sector decision-makers and local stakeholders through several workshops, business delegations and webinars, and will encourage them to assess their country’s or community’s energy needs, fill information gaps and share best-practices on energy storage. The pillar of this initiative is the position paper ‘Using batteries to ensure clean, reliable and affordable universal electricity access’, developed by ARE jointly with its members. This document includes useful recommendations, applications of the different types of battery technologies, and successful case studies from India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Peru and Mozambique. The position paper can be downloaded at
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