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Self-supply of electricity is currently a much discussed topic. It is an old idea that was given new life 15 years ago by the ‘Windvogel’ cooperative in the Netherlands, an association that now has over 3,000 members. The cooperative has recently launched the idea of creating a sustainable energy supply for all Dutch citizens using a thousand 7.5MW wind turbines. The wind turbines would be owned by the citizens, who would then be both the producers and users of renewable energy. The Windvogel model, like other similar community projects being initiated around the world, has the potential to change the current energy market, at the same time as supporting local economies and conserving the planet by increasing the amount of renewable energy available to citizens. In the article on page 7 you can read about the Windvogel plan, and its opportunities and obstacles.
Commercial availability of the new IEC3A wind turbine models, which have been specifically designed for high productivity in low and light wind conditions, opens new opportunities for onshore wind power development worldwide. An open question is whether the price of electricity delivered from wind farms using this type of wind turbine will be competitive with the cost of kilowatt-hours from conventional power plants and/or from electricity markets. The analysis in the article by Bernard Chabot on page 24 shows that there are good prospects for cost competitiveness, so power produced in these low and light wind conditions could soon be one of the most competitive energy technologies, able to deliver clean electricity in the vast majority of countries.
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At Windtech International we also keep a close eye on the future. Our editorial team is always trying to enhance the level of service to our readers. Therefore we poll our subscribers regularly to establish a better publisher–reader relationship. In the coming month we will send out an invitation by email to participate in this year’s survey, so please keep a close eye on your mailbox. We hope many of you will participate. I would like to thank all participants in advance for helping us to continue to improve our magazine and I welcome your suggestions.
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Looking ahead is important. Why not include Windtech International in your promotional activities to ensure you reach a truly international readership? It looks like the global economy may be on its way up again so this is the time to show your (potential) clients that you are ready to serve them. Windtech International gives topical overviews and the latest news and developments in the technology and management of wind energy activities. It also seeks the opinions of leading professionals on the state of the market, technical issues and national and international policies. The features are written by independent professionals, who provide insight into the latest developments in a practical and informative way. For 2014 we have prepared a Media Planner containing dates of magazine issues, and copy guidelines/deadlines for contributors, circulation, advertising possibilities, etc. Feel free to contact me to receive the 2014 Media Planner.
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