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csm biodiversiteit bij kabelkruisingen Noordzee 2 83f224bcf4In cooperation with Van Oord, different types of stone will be deposited at cable intersections to investigate which application best stimulates biodiversity. In the North Sea, Tennet is working on the high voltage connection for the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind region.
At crossings with existing oil and gas pipeline, the cables rise above the sea bed. At these sites, a granite top layer is deposited on top of the cable to protect it. Tennet is starting a pilot in which, in cooperation with Van Oord, it will replace the granite top layer at three cable intersections with a calciferous stone originating from a marble quarry. The small calciferous stones will be applied to a total of three of the six intersections. Tennet is expecting that the calciferous stones will ensure that various benthic species will find it easier to nest and that a different habitat will emerge at these sites. Tennet will use the findings of this pilot to assess which measures improve biodiversity.
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