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The first 6 tower parts for the SeaMade offshore wind farm have arrived in the port of Ostend.  These parts were produced in the North of Spain, and shipped from the port of Aviles on board of the special purpose vessel Rotra Vente.
Over the coming months, Rotra Vente and sister vessel Rotra Mare will ship all wind turbine components (58 nacelles, 174 tower parts and 174 blades) for the SeaMade offshore wind farm, from various sites, to the REBO site in Ostend. The main activity on the REBO site will be the storage of parts, the pre-assembly of the tower parts to complete towers, and loading of the Installation Vessel ‘Apollo’ that will sail from Ostend to the SeaMade offshore sites to install the wind turbines on the foundations. All foundations and the two offshore substations were put in place in the preceding months.
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