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Korean engineering company Saman Corp has hired OWC to take on the owners’ engineering role at the Sinan offshore wind farm project offshore South Korea. The Sinan offshore wind farm project is a 300MW Phase 1 project at Jeonnam Sinan Jaeun-do, West Sea.
It is part of the development area recently announced by president Moon Jae’s administration - an 8.2 GW offshore wind farm complex in Jeonnam Province intended for completion by the year 2030. Under the contract, OWC will deliver owners’ engineering services including review of site conditions; contract support for detail engineering, EPC contract, O&M, supervision, marine warranty services and other contracts; review and approval of engineering reports; support the license approval process, and provide technical advisory services. Saman Corp and OWC will conduct the work on behalf of operators Korea South-East Power Co (KOEN) and POSCO Energy.
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