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Nexans has been awarded a contract worth around 100 million euros by RTE to supply and install 47 km of offshore and 18 km of onshore power export cable for the Dieppe - Le Tréport wind farm located in the English Channel, more than 15.5 km from Le Tréport and 17 km from Dieppe.
The 496MW offshore wind farm will be developed by the consortium "Éoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport". RTE has been appointed by the State to connect this wind farm from the offshore substation to the onshore power grid through the installation of two 225,000 volt subsea and onshore links. For the subsea section, Nexans will supply two 23.5 km lengths of 225 kV three-core cable. The cables will be laid by the cable installation vessel CS Skagerrak, The onshore link will consist of 18 km of 225 kV single-core cable. Nexans will also be in charge of the cable burial and protection for the onshore section. The installation of the subsea cables should start in the second half of 2024.
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