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Scout Clean Energy and Peninsula Clean Energy have signed a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that will provide San Mateo County and city of Los Banos customers with 76.35MW from the repowering of the Pacheco Pass Wind Farm in Merced County, CA, USA.
Purchased from International Turbine Research in 2018, Scout returned the wind farm in Pacheco State Park to the current level of operation and will now rechristen the project the Gonzaga Ridge Wind Farm (GRWF). Construction will begin in late 2023 and the project will replace the existing 162-turbine wind farm in Pacheco State Park with a much-smaller fleet of far more powerful turbines that are expected to be operational by around the end of October 2024. While the existing 162 turbines produce up to 18.4 MW, Scout is planning a total GRWF capacity of 147.5 MW of wind energy and a 50-MW four-hour Battery Energy Storage System.
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