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Ørsted and Eversource have announced a research partnership with Mystic Aquarium to conduct a studies of the effects of offshore wind turbines on marine mammals and sea turtles.
Through this partnership, Aquarium scientists will conduct several studies related to marine mammals and sea turtles focused on the following:
  • Investigation of the occurrence of marine mammal strandings before and after construction and operation phases of Ørsted and Eversource’s three offshore wind farms: South Fork Wind, Revolution Wind, and Sunrise Wind
  • Development of biomarker technology to assess the physiological response to offshore wind power systems and to conduct long-term health monitoring
  • Tagging and tracking of seals and sea turtles in relation to offshore wind development and operation
  • Furthering the development of non-invasive sample collection for health monitoring
  • Investigating the utility of environmental DNA (eDNA), such as through water samples, to detect the presence of sea turtles and seals. 
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