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Ilmatar Offshore has expressed its interest in developing an offshore wind farm on the north side of Åland. A fully built wind park could be operational by 2030, estimated of producing 20 TWh of energy annually.
The Government of Åland created its first official marine spatial plan for the use of marine and coastal areas in 2021. A significant opportunity for offshore wind production was identified, both in the northern and southern marine regions, with approximately 1000 km2 potentially suitable for offshore wind energy production. This opportunity was named Project Sunnanvind, and it holds a total potential to produce as much as 31 TWh of offshore wind energy annually in these areas. Ilmatar Offshore Ab is a newly founded company based in Mariehamn and is currently recruiting its team on Åland. Ilmatar is interested in planning, constructing, owning and operating an offshore wind park on the northern marine area identified in the Åland marine spatial plan. Ilmatar Offshore is an entirely owned subsidiary of the Finnish energy company Ilmatar Energy Oy. Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland.
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