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The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) has granted € 19.5 million in aid to Ilmatar Energy for the implementation of a renewable energy hybrid park. The renewable energy park will be built in the areas of Alajärvi and Kyyjärvi and it will generate wind and solar power and will also includes an energy storage facility.
Ilmatar is already well into the process of building a large-scale wind farm in Alajärvi. The farm will comprise 36 wind turbines and have a capacity of 216MW. The new project that was granted aid will add a solar farm in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm. The solar farm will have a capacity of 150MWp and a 50MWh battery storage. The total budget of the solar farm project is EUR 97.8 million. The Alajärvi wind farm, which will be built under market conditions and without subsidies, is an investment of 217 million euros. In total, the wind and solar farms of Alajärvi and Kyyjärvi will have a capacity of 366 MW.
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