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Prysmian Group has announced the successful completion of the HVDC test on the submarine interconnector COBRAcable that links The Netherlands and Denmark. Prysmian supplied and installed a ±320 kV HVDC bipole system, using single-core cables with extruded insulation technology and running for a total route of around 325 km, from Eemshaven (NL) to Endrup (DK) via the German North Sea sector.
The project includes two onshore lengths of 1 km on the Dutch side and 25 km on the Danish side that will connect the two onshore converter stations, provided under separate contract by Siemens. . Prysmian had secured this project in February 2016 with a contract awarded by TenneT and Energinet, operators of the Dutch and Danish power transmission grids, respectively. The COBRAcable interconnector produces benefits for both Denmark and The Netherlands, ensuring a reliable energy supply in the two countries. It also contributes to the development of a sustainable international energy landscape.
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