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The City of Arnhem (the Netherlands) has selected OpenRemote’s open-source IoT solution to develop an energy management system using IoT technology. This new data management platform will enable the city’s energy managers to automate and oversee a distributed energy system combining solar and wind power installations, electric fleet chargers, cold ironing for ships and battery storage.
The solar and wind energy produced at Kleefsewaard, an industrial park located east of the city, is used for charging electric vehicles across the city as well as powering the ships docked in its harbour (cold ironing, which is the process of providing shoreside electrical power to a ship at berth).
The system is able to forecast power generation, consumption and carbon costs for the upcoming 24 hours. These data points are used to define optimal charging and discharging cycles for the energy storage unit, assess the vehicle fleet storage capacity, while considering the minimum required power indicated by the charging service provider. A mobile application, built on OpenRemote’s open-source IoT platform, will enable the city’s energy managers and maintenance crews to evaluate the performance of all system components.
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