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geoquip speer cvowGeoquip Marine has secured a contract to work on the development of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) commercial project off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA, USA.
The Geoquip Marine vessels, the Geoquip Saentis, Geoquip Speer and Dina Polaris, deployed on this project are docked in Newport News, VA and the CVOW project is being developed by Dominion Energy. The contract stipulates the drilling of deep boreholes and deep push seabed Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) at multiple locations in the main lease area plus shallow push seabed CPTs and shallow boreholes at multiple locations along the export cable route. Geoquip Marine is responsible for all laboratory testing and final geotechnical reporting for the main lease area and along the export cable route. All three vessels are fitted with an offshore soil laboratory.
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