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Fraunhofer IWES is conducting a boulder detection and geohazard survey of 50 wind turbine locations and the associated OSS within the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm on behalf of Iberdrola.
The three-week measurement campaign in the Baltic Sea took place back in October and November 2020, using the Manta Ray G1 system. The acquired data are currently being interpreted at the institute with the goal of completing the project by the end of April 2021. The Manta Ray G1 is a data acquisition system developed by Fraunhofer IWES and the University of Bremen specifically for the purpose of diffraction imaging and the localization of point diffractors within marine sediments. Diffraction refers to the deflection of waves by an obstacle. In addition to the diffraction data, conventional 3D seismic reflection data are acquired along the profile lines. Iberdrola and Baltic Eagle were awarded the rights to construct the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea in 2018. The Baltic Eagle OWF is located northeast of the German island of Rügen.
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