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IdentiFlightDuke Energy Renewables has announced it has ordered 24 IdentiFlight units to be installed at its Top of the World Windpower Project in Wyoming as part of its avian protection program. The system from IdentiFlight International blends artificial intelligence with high-precision optical technology to detect eagles and prevent them from colliding with rotating wind turbine blades. 

Duke Energy Renewables is the first wind operator to commercially deploy this technology. The Top of the World site has been a part of the IdentiFlight innovation story from the beginning, with early versions installed and modified at the facility during development of the technology. Recently, an array of IdentiFlight units underwent third-party independent testing at Top of the World during elevated eagle activity. The testing focused on the system's ability to detect and classify golden eagles and other large raptors within a timeframe that supports the use of informed curtailment to minimize collision risk.

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