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Ventus Group has launched TripleCMAS. This data-driven rotor monitoring system is based on data collected wirelessly from the rotor, where after algorithms using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence analyse the data.
The system converts the rotor and the entire swept area into a measuring instrument for wind turbines, complete with live dashboard and alarm systems that alert operators when specified thresholds per algorithm are exceeded. The multi-modular solution includes easy-to-install sensor nodes that, when used in conjunction with Ventus Group’s future LEDS product, also becomes a monitoring and alarm system on the efficiency of the Lighting and Electrostatic Discharge System from each individual wind turbine blade. Weighing less than 200 grams, the sensor nodes can be retrofitted to the turbine tower and inside of blades for wireless, remote sensing. The data collection and data processing box is located in the nacelle.
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