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DDAU3B&K Vibro has introduced the new condition monitoring unit - the DDAU3 (Diagnostic Data Acquisition Unit). DDAU3 is backward compatible to existing DDAU2 devices, and has a seamless interface to the VibroSuite Condition Monitoring Software.

The DDAU3 functionality consists of:

  • True IoT edge computing with direct compatibility to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Standardised interface protocols such as OPC UA, MODBUS TCP/IP, MODBUS RTU
  • DDAU3 is not limited to vibration data, but accepts direct input from a large variety of sensors, devices and data interfaces
  • Onboard storage of data in case of a network outage
  • Stand-alone operation for off-line data recording
  • Remote update of application specific monitoring strategies and software updates, with cyber-security
  • High computational power and onboard intelligence reduces load on the central monitoring servers
  • Proprietary measurement techniques for early fault detection of rolling element bearing faults and complex gearboxes
  • Process dependent onboard alarming
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