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The long-term development partnership of Schaeffler and Bonfiglioli lead to the creation of a compact Industry 4.0 solution package. Schaeffler has combined two of its measuring systems, the SmartCheck and the TorqueSense to create a new condition and torque monitoring system.
While the vibration diagnosis system of the Schaeffler SmartCheck detects incipient damage at a very early stage, peak loads as well as their frequency can also be detected and limited using the precise torque signal. Using algorithms that are based on their application expertise, Bonfiglioli converts such data into information throughout the entire lifetime of a wind turbine. Schaeffler is currently developing an initial pilot project for Bonfiglioli’s geared motors of yaw drives for wind turbines. In this application, the load data that are condensed using the Schaeffler SmartCheck are compared with predefined limit values and the results are transmitted wirelessly to Bonfiglioli via a gateway. The monitoring system for Bonfiglioli geared motors operates independently and is not connected with the turbine’s control system. With the new system, Bonfiglioli aims to monitor overloading of the yaw drives, increase the lead times for maintenance, and make it possible to define load-based instead of time-dependent maintenance procedures. The TorqueSense module is positioned between the motor and gearbox to integrate it into the flow of force of the geared motor.
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